Specialist photometric engineering design and analysis services

CAD+ Lighting Design and Engineering Services


We specialise in:

LED lighting product design

Optical component design for bespoke illumination systems

Photometric simulations and analysis

Lit appearance simulations (Visual ergonomics)

Photometric testing and validation

Homologation and type approval preparation

Photometric fixture design and fabrication

Injection moulded optics (design and component supply)

3D printed optics (design and component supply)


Our services include:

Design and development of illumination systems

Simulation and analysis of visible and IR lighting systems

Photometric verification and validation of lighting components and sub-systems

Feasibility studies (proof of concept)

Prototyping supply and pre-production builds

Homogeneity and lit appearance assessments (visual ergonomics)

Obtaining compliance to industry regulations, and type approvals (homologation)

Project planning and delivery of lighting projects


Client industry sectors include:

Aviation LED lighting (military and commercial)

Marine LED lighting (sea going and pleasure craft)

Automotive LED lighting (internal and external)

Variable message signs and other driver information systems

LED airport ground lighting (elevated and insert)

LED rail signalling

LED traffic lights

General light (SSL) luminaires (internal and external)

Car park and street lighting

Hazard warning lights (Vehicles and navigational hazards)