Specialist photometric engineering design and analysis services

Photometric Engineering Technologies


We utilise some of the very latest in 3D design and simulation tools to accurately and quickly develop solutions to our client’s specific needs.


Our fastest and most accurate service utilises SPEOS (or OptisWorks) light simulation and analysis software with human vision capabilities from Optis; including:

Light Manager
Light Expert
Optical Shape Design
Visual Ergonomics


We use SolidWorks 3D CAD for our mechanical design activities but other MCAD and photometric analysis software tools can be accomodated if specifically required on a project; and we are happy to discuss these requirements with you.


Our testing facilities utilise:

Far field gonio-photometers
Near field CCD imaging systems
Spectroradiometer and colorimeters
Integrating spheres


We manage our projects using data management software (DDM) with built in work-flow to effectively manage our development processes so you can be sure your project is safe in our hands